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Our Brand Journey 

Happy Inu (meaning “Dog” in Japanese) is born with a journey of myself and my currently five years old Shiba Inu. In September 2013, I adopted Benju as a puppy from his breeder in Palm Desert, CA.  

Benju is such a unique and characterized dog which means he is not the typical dog that would obey and show affection to anyone. He keeps his very special side only to me. I love him to death and our journey is full of happiness and memorable moments. This is what we should expect in a journey with our dear fur-baby, right?  In a perfect world, every journey should be full of sweetness, happiness and pain-free. 

However, a journey is never completed without bitterness, pain, and effort in the real world. Benju has a very sensitive immune system to begin with since he was a puppy. We have been dealing with various allergy symptoms from itchy skin and ears to tearing eyes, you name it. In August 2018, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune mediated poly-arthritis. His immune system faired up so badly, and started attacking his healthy joints. His veterinarian has been prescribing medications to control his symptoms, but he is never cured completely.  

I started asking myself what I did wrong on taking care of him. I thought I have provided him the best I could find in the market.  So I started to study more about the disease and reading some best articles (I love Naturally Dogs Magazine), autoimmune disease is potentially caused by toxic such as, pesticide (flea & tick med), preservative, and harmful chemical or drug. From his diet to the products he used, I want to investigate and understand what I am offering to my fur-baby. So I started not only reading labels, but also studying the ingredients on pet products available in the market. Not surprisingly, majority of pet foods, treats and products we can find in the market are not very impressive and some are even nasty. I understand offering Benju the best diet and products may not cure his disease 100% as there’s no guarantee in the real world. But I do want to give myself a peace of mind by offering the finest products to my fur-baby and hoping to share our favorites to other fur-kids parents.  

In Happy Inu, we only carry finest products with minimal ingredients as needed. You will not see a long list of unexplainable ingredients in any of the products we carry. It is our mission to help make these small, yet significant, moments even more special and memorable in your journey with your fur-kids.

Miu T.